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Go Green Program

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Going Green Program

As you may know, plastic is one of the biggest pollutants of our beaches and reefs. That is why our resorts in Roatan would like to share with you our new policies that will contribute to reduce our plastic footprint on our island. Plastic straws and drink stirrers will no longer be used in our bars and restaurants also an eco-friendly paper straw is being used in our frosted drinks. Styrofoam containers are no longer available and have been replaced with biodegradable option. We are sure that these new measures will only make your experience with Mayan Princess even more enjoyable.

Eco Best Practices
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Water Conservation

Water on Roatan is scarce, we monitor the use of water in each area of the resort, since our water source comes from underwater aquifers. At Mayan Princess Beach & Dive Resort we have come up with different ways to preserve water such as ; underground cisterns that collect rainwater which are treated and then used, water used for irrigation is from our water treatment plant , and we switched to waterless urinals.

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Power Saving

All lights now used on the resort are LED, Guest rooms are also monitor and power is off when guests are not in the room. Also changing to more efficient air conditioners, use LPG for laundry and kitchen equipment.

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Social and Cultural Development

Mayan Princess Beach & Dive Resort is a sponsor of the Marine Park, we are actively helping Bay Island Conservation Agency. Each year we take in about 35 high school interns, to provide an internship at the hotel.

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Single-use plastic

All single-use plastic has been replaced for biodegradable containers. Plastic straws and drink mixers are no longer in use, water bottles have also been replaced for a water bottle that each guest will receive as a souvenir.

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Waste Management

All waste is separated, in different bins throughout the resort. We have partnered with a local project that makes compost, for local farming. The more we can keep off our local landfill is a great help to the island.

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Coral Restoration

Bay Islands Reef Restoration (BIRR) is a coral nursery and coral restoration program dedicated to conserving and restoring threatened coral species. BIRR is supported by Turquoise Bay Dive & Beach Resort and Mayan Princess Beach & Dive Resort In March 2016, Turquoise Bay installed the first 10 coral nursery “trees” near Turquoise Bay on Roatan’s north coast, and 10 “trees” near Mahogany Bay off the south coast.

The coral nurseries are stocked with coral fragments from multiple genotypes of Elkhorn coral (Acropora palmata) and Staghorn coral (Acropora cervicornis). The coral fragments are “hung,” or attached, to the trees, we stock the trees with either “fragments of opportunity,” loose coral fragments that have broken off Elkhorn or Staghorn colonies, or from end-tip clippings of less than 10% of the coral tissue of a healthy colony. BIRR provides Mayan Divers & Subway Watersports EcoGreen PADI Divemaster interns and Mayan Princess and Turquoise Bay guests with the opportunity to learn about important coral conservation initiatives and take part in coral nursery maintenance and coral outplanting. We hope you will visit us and dive with us as we seek to restore Roatan’s reefs.

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