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Mayan Princess Beach and Dive Resort


As you may know, plastic is one of the biggest pollutants of our beaches and reefs. This is why Mayan Princess Beach & Dive Resort would like to share with you our new policies that will contribute to reduce our plastic footprint on our island.

Mayan Princess Beach and Dive Resort


Plastic straws and drink stirrers will no longer be used in our bars and restaurants and an ecofriendly paper straw is being used in our frosted drinks. Styrofoam containers are no longer available and also have been replaced with an biodegradable option. We are sure that these new measures will only make your experience with Mayan Princess even more enjoyable.

Mayan Princess Beach and Dive Resort

Water Conservation Program

We monitor all of the water use on our
properties, including water used for pools,
guestrooms, kitchens, restaurants, dining
areas and landscaping.

Mayan Princess Beach and Dive Resort

Social & Cultural Development

We promote environmental education, saving water and electricity, mental health, importance of education, "green" shopping and good citizenship. Also promoting the reuse of towels during the guest stay!

Mayan Princess Beach and Dive Resort

Waste Management

Straws picked up during trash cleanups and affecting Roatan wildlife, turtles and other species. This is one of the main reasons we have eliminated the use of plastic straws and other paper and plastic goods throughout the properties.

Mayan Princess Beach and Dive Resort

Power Saving

LED lights were installed in the resort using less KWH than if it still used standard bulbs. Each room inactivates the power supply while removing the key room from their respective room key slot.

Mayan Princess Beach and Dive Resort

Coral Restauration

Mayan Princess pleases to announce the resort participation on an offshore nurseries and restoration program for threatened coral species in collaboration with the Coral Restoration Foundation.

They are the "rainforests of the sea", supporting 25 percent of all marine life, protecting our shores, feeding our people, providing breathtaking natural playgrounds that underpin economies around the world. Yet coral reefs are among the most endangered ecosystems in the world.

Mayan Princess Beach and Dive Resort

Now more than ever before, we need healthy coral reefs to protect our coasts. Be part of the mission to rebuild the world's reefs. Donate today!